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Methodology Wizard Plugin 19.0 LTR SP4 Documentation

In the wizard_Name step you can choose to create new system or select existing system, in which your model will be created.

  • Here system is called the element, which is defined in action, tag property: type.
  • This step should be added before wizard_Capture, and wizard_Relate steps.
  • If this step is not added to the wizard, by default the Data - model root is used as default owner.
  • If the  Create new radio button is selected, text box to add new element name and tree to select it owner is shown.
  • If the Select existing button is selected, drop down list is shown with existing elements.

See the «wizard_Name» stereotype properties descriptions in the following table.

Stereotype property



Type of the element you can create as system

stepDescriptionOptionalStep description.
selectNameDescriptionOptionalSystem Name field description.
selectOwnerDescriptionOptionalSelect owner field description.
selectExistingDescriptionOptionalExisting system selection field description.

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