CATIA Magic/No Magic Modeling Tools

Released on: July 15, 2022

2021x Refresh2 Hot Fix 4 is now available for CATIA Magic and No Magic portfolios. It includes a number of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Hot Fix version compatibility

The version and Hot Fix number of a modeling tool and its plugins must be the same. After installing the Hot Fix version of a modeling tool, select the same Hot Fix version when downloading its plugins. The modeling tool will not work correctly if you install plugins of a different version and/or Hot Fix number. 

Magic Software Architect / MagicDraw

  • Flatten Smart Package content is now included in validation.
  • The Resource Manager now uses the same working directory for different users on VM.
  • Now the modeling tool only checks out a single floating license of the same product.
  • There are no errors any longer when closing a TWC project with the opened Lock View tab.
  • Structured Expressions created with the 19.0 SP4 version are no longer corrupted when viewed in the new version of the tool.
  • Tag columns are now displayed in tables even when the inherited stereotypes are not customized.
  • The search functionality now works using regular Java expressions without issues.
  • There are no more issues invoking shortcut menus in UI diagrams containing two frames.
  • Requirements numbering is now displayed in ascending sequence in the Containment tree.
  • The Requirement table is now built upon opening, and no longer displayed as empty.
  • From now on, newly added rows in Tables are adorned as well.
  • Property types are now imported into Teamwork Cloud projects when reading excel files.
  • A new environment option allows you to skip the detection of graphical changes in diagrams from used projects. If your project branches contain many changes in those diagrams, skipping their detection may increase the merge performance.
  • The Select Branch dialog now opens faster than before.
  • The Merge tab no longer freezes when accepting or rejecting changes.
  • The Edit Branch dialog now opens faster than before.

Magic Cyber Systems Engineer / Cameo Systems Modeler / SysML

  • The issue when the Is Conjugated property is not copied to a newly created port after using a delegation Connector has been fixed.
  • The Value Properties with the ISO type are now displayed correctly on element shapes.

Magic Model Analyst / Cameo Simulation Toolkit

  • Simulation no longer creates a second token at the input expansion node when using a Fork with an Expansion region.
  • The memory issue caused by the simulation has been fixed.
  • The value calculation from a rollup pattern error related to multiplicity ranges has been fixed.
  • The issue where the rollup analysis does not recalculate values has been fixed.
  • If the Remember Failure Status property is set to true, the margin value is recorded even when a Requirement fails.

Magic Systems of Systems Architect / Cameo Enterprise Architecture / UAF 1.2

  • The issue when two OperationalActivities are created instead of one when creating CallOperationalActivity in the Operational Process Flow (BPD) diagram has been fixed.
  • The incorrect message about no package selected while trying to generate the report using the Quick Generate Report command is no longer displayed.
  • The issue when the Project Sequence relationship was not displayed in The Projects Roadmap Gantt chart has been fixed.
  • The Reset Filter and filter field editing are no longer disabled in the Constraints table after the Partial Load mode is turned on.

Magic Collaboration Studio / Teamwork Cloud / Cameo Collaborator

  • Migrator and performance improvements. Branch listing, merge commit, client-side migration, and other performance improvements.

Cameo DataHub

  • The issue where no DHLinks are created between new nodes after synchronization from the modeling tool side has been fixed.
  • The Conflict Dashboard-related errors have been fixed.


  • The issue with the macro where the getSelectedElementFromContainmentTree() returned a null pointer and the getOpaqueObjectByPath did not work has been fixed.

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