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This only applies to MagicDraw, Cameo Systems Modeler, Cameo Enterprise Architecture.

Implemented changes

The 18.0 SP7, 18.5 SP4, and 19.0 SP4 releases bring changes to the following online services accessible from the tool:

Discontinued services:

  • Auto-update from the tool
  • License activation/deactivation from the tool
  • Product registration from the tool
  • Reporting an issue from the tool
  • Automatic news update from the tool

Changed services:

  • Plugins download and installation from the tool using Resource Manager

To learn more, please see the table below:

ServicesPrevious Releases

18.0 SP7
18.5 SP4
19.0 SP4

Auto-update from toolAvailableUnavailable


  • Modeling tools and plugins are automatically updated from the tool to new versions.


  • Only the manual update from Service Pack (SP) and major versions is available.
  • The Check for Updates menu item is removed from the Help menu.
License activation/deactivation from tool (online)AvailableUnavailable


  • Licenses are activated/deactivated directly from the tool (Help > License Manager).


  • No license activation from the tool (Help > License Manager). Licenses are activated/deactivated via the web only.
Product registration from toolAvailableUnavailable


  • Product registration is mandatory upon license activation and obtaining a floating license.


  • No product registration when obtaining floating licenses.
  • No product registration during the license activation. The license activation from the tool is discontinued. All licenses are activated/deactivated via the web only.
  • The Register menu item is removed from the Help menu.
Plugin and add-on download/installation from tool via Resource ManagerAvailableChanged


  • Plugins are downloaded and installed directly from the tool using Resource Manager.
  • No-cost plugins are provided as separate archived files.


  • All plugins are provided as an All-In-One pack (.rdzip file).
  • One .rdzip file containing several bundled resources can be distributed via a local file system, network share, or web server.
  • Plugins can be installed manually as well.
  • The Refresh and Download/Install buttons are removed from Resource Manager.
Reporting an issue from tool AvailableUnavailable


  • Issues are reported directly from the tool (Help > Report an Issue).


  • All issues are reported via the No Magic Customer Support System. Learn more about Support >> 
  • The Report an Issue menu item is removed from the Help menu.

    Report an Issue

    In case of an issue or modeling tool performance problems, open submit_issue.exe (located in the main modeling tool directory), dump threads or memory heap to a Log file, and then report an issue with the attached Log file.

Automatic news update (News Reader) from toolAvailableUnavailable


  • The News Reader menu item is available in the Help menu.


  • The News Reader menu item is removed from the Help menu.

Troubleshooting & FAQ

Q: I am using a modeling tool/Teamwork Server 18.x, 18.5 SPx, 19.0 SP1, SP2, SP3. How do I update to the latest version 19.0 SP4?
A: Auto-update to 19.0 SP4 is unavailable. Please update manually. Learn more about updating modeling tools and plugins >> 

Q: I receive an error when applying a license key. What should I do?

A: All purchased and paid licenses of Seat and Mobile type must be node-locked to the Host ID (MAC address). Learn more about activating licenses >> 

Q: I cannot report an issue from the tool. How can I reach the support team?
A: Please report an issue via the No Magic Customer Support System. You must be a registered user. Learn more about reporting issues >>

Q: I cannot download plugins directly from the modeling tool using Resource/Plugin Manager. Where can I find plugins and how to install them?
A: As of 19.0 SP4, 18.0 SP7, and 18.5 SP4, the No Magic web service is discontinued. You can install resources from a shared repository on a local network pre-populated with the latest resources from the .rdzip file. You can also download an All-In-One-Pack (.rdzip file) with all plugins bundled or download your required plugins individually from www.nomagic.com (Please log in to access the Download area) and then use Resource Manager to install resources from your local file system. Learn more about installing plugins >>

Q: I have received information that "Users of floating licenses are minimally impacted but may experience error messages if they fail to upgrade". What messages we will receive? Will we be able to use the tool?
You may receive Internet connection related error messages. To avoid the disruption, please upgrade to the latest Service pack using manual update. Learn more about updating modeling tools and plugins >>