Released on: July 24, 2017


Usability improvements
  • In MagicDraw 18.5, the "Display Paths on Element Drop" environment option works for annotations.
  • Moving an element to a different «Model» shortens its IRI tagged value to make it relative to the new «Model».
  • Warnings and errors are now shown in the MagicDraw notification window, making it unnecessary to check the log file.
  • Logging verbosity for the MagicDraw notification window and log file can now be adjusted independently.
  • Many stack traces have been replaced with informative messages.
  • A derived "Effective IRI" meta-property shows the full IRI value in the Specification Window of an element.
  • The generic 'Bookmarked object is null' warning message has been replaced with fewer and more informative warning messages.
  • Manually adding the Concept Modeling profile to a project will now enable the plugin.
  • AutoStyler will now offer to import a missing "Defined Elsewhere" style when loading a project.
  • Changing the preferred annotation property on a Teamwork Cloud project when other users have the needed locks gives an informative error message.


OWL import improvements
  • Added limited support for "cascading restrictions".

  • Added support for recognizing certain OWL patterns as UML generalization sets.

  • Added support for element IRIs that are relative to their containing «Model».

  • When importing a restriction that references an undefined property, a more informative error message is generated.


OWL export improvements
  • Added support for "cascading restrictions".

  • The progress bar shows the model name and URI as each model exports.

  • Many «Models» and «Concept Models» can be exported, in bulk, from any level in the containment tree.

  • Relative IRIs are expanded into full IRIs in the namespace of their containing «Model».

  • Packages stereotyped as a «Model» can now be exported to OWL.

  • Values for rdfs:label no longer have a language tag by default.

  • The exported OWL from a «Model» contains a CCM comment that identifies what wrote the file and when.


Bug fixes
  • Right clicking or opening a diagram that is unrelated to concept modeling no longer fails.

  • Changing a concept modeling project option other than the preferred annotation property no longer tries to adjust annotation ownership.

  • CCM no longer moves annotations without obtaining a lock on Teamwork Cloud

  • Importing an OWL ontology that contains updates to an annotation no longer leaves the old annotation in a «Model».

  • Undoing and redoing the creation of certain elements no longer fails.

  • A «Model» or «Concept Model» URI ending in "/" no longer results in an incorrect URI in OWL.

  • When a UML element does not share the same namespace as its owning «Model», it is now defined in the exported OWL.

  • Equivalent classes are no longer missing from the 'Equivalent to' lists for some entries in the natural language glossary.

  • The menu item "Make property insufficient to classify an instance" shows when appropriate for a Teamwork Cloud project.

  • Importing a property that is specified to be an inverse of itself will no longer fail, and will result in an informative warning.

Download the Cameo Concept Modeler Documentation by clicking the link below

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