Released on: February 29, 2016

OWL import improvements
  • Disjoint OWL classes now create a dependency stereotyped as «Disjoint with» between UML classes.
  • An anonymous union now creates a UML class stereotyped as a «Union».
  • An anonymous enumeration data type now creates a UML enumeration named with a UUID.
  • Two inverse properties with opposite domains and ranges now creates UML properties on opposite ends of one association.
  • Two inverse properties without opposite domains and ranges now creates UML properties, with an «Inverse of» stereotyped dependency between them, on two different unidirectional associations.
  • An existential quantification restriction now creates a UML {subsets} constraint on a property.
  • A universal quantification restriction now creates a UML {redefines} constraint on a property.
  • Min and max cardinality restrictions on a property now create a UML multiplicity.
  • A failed import now provides a clickable hyperlink to the log file in the notification window to help the user diagnose problems.
OWL export improvements
  • A project option now enables the user to specify a directory for OWL exports.
  • A dependency sterotyped as «Disjoint with» between UML classes creates disjointness axioms in OWL.
  • An enumeration creates a oneOf construct in OWL.
Bug fixes

OWL Import

  • No longer misses OWL annotations from transitively imported ontologies.
  • No longer makes an OWL subproperty owned by the wrong class in UML.
  • No longer merges different OWL object properties that have the same labels into one UML property.

OWL Export

  • No longer fails when a concept model URL is malformed.
  • No longer fails when a concept model URL ends in a slash.
  • No longer fails to export a Concept Model that is stored in a Teamwork Server or Cameo Enterprise Data Warehouse repository.
  • No longer fails when a UML comment stereotyped as an «Annotation» has no specified annotation property.

The Natural Language Glossary

  • Now uses “(Unnamed Class)” when a class is missing a name.
  • No longer lists a PropertyHolder or anonymous union as a superclass.
  • No longer combines multiple superclasses into one hyperlink.
  • No longer says ‘also’ for optional properties.
  • No longer repeats a property having an enumeration as its type.
  • No longer outputs encoded HTML entities (e.g., “<” instead of an actual less-than sign).
  • No longer skips a property having a class as its type but not being a part of an association.

This version of AutoStyler is once again compatible with MagicDraw 18.1.

Bug fixes

  • Repairing the styles for text boxes, anchors, comments, and notes no longer fails.
  • Showing diagram info no longer fails.
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