Released on: August 5, 2016


OWL export improvements
    • Exporting object or datatype property restrictions is now optimized to use OWL intersectionOf connective only when there are two or more restrictions.


Natural Language Glossary improvements
    • Clicking a letter in the new hyperlinked alphabet at the top jumps to the corresponding letter in the glossary.
    • Clicking a hyperlinked letter in the glossary jumps to the alphabet at the top.
    • Each glossary entry now has a "Model-Generated Definition:" and "Definition:" sub-section.
    • When a glossary entry has no definition, the word "(Undocumented)" no longer appears. Instead, a "Definition:" sub-section shows no definition.
    • When certain OMG and EDMC annotations are present, they appear in each glossary entry as "Explanatory Note:" and "Definition Origin:" sub-sections. (A more general capability is forthcoming.)


Bug fixes
    • Importing an ontology containing a class that is either disjoint with or equivalent to a restriction no longer causes the import to fail.
    • The OWL export location dialog box is no longer blocked by the operation progress dialog box.
    • Exporting to OWL from a project saved on a teamwork server no longer fails with an 'Unknown protocol' error.
    • The Natural Language Glossary no longer lists anonymous unions as superclasses.
    • Importing an ontology containing a class that is equivalent to a restriction now results in a UML property with a {sufficient}



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