Released on: January 16, 2017


Concept Modeling Profile improvements
  • The stereotypes in the Concept Modeling profile are now aligned with SMIF (Semantic Modeling for Information Federation).
    • «AnnotationProperty» has been updated to «Annotation Property».
    • «ConceptModel» has been updated to «Concept Model».
    • «Disjoint with» has been updated to «Disjoint With».
    • «PropertyHolder» has been updated to «Anything».
  • The Concept Modeling Profile can now be hidden like any other auxiliary resource in the containment tree.
Diagram simplicity improvements
  • CCM now offers to improve the "Default" and "Defined Elsewhere" styles for non-technical audiences.

    • The «Resource» stereotype will no longer be visible on diagrams.

    • Tagged values are suppressed for attributes.

    • The 'Show Attributes Compartment Name' is suppressed for classes.

    • No longer displays the IRI tagged value on an active diagram after its creation in the specification window.

    • No longer fails to display a subproperty chain or equivalent property on an active diagram after its creation in the specification window.

  • A project option now allows the user to control whether or not to continue to offer to apply style improvements when an older project is opened.

OWL import improvements
  • Merges imported OWL ontologies with existing models in a project.

  • Preserves existing diagrams when OWL ontologies are merged with existing models in a project.

  • Supports annotations on an ontology itself.

  • Supports an ontology version IRI in each concept model.

  • Supports OWL ObjectUnionOf.

  • Supports import of universal quantification constraint.

  • Supports exact cardinality restriction on properties.

  • Logging during OWL import is now enabled by default to help diagnose problems.

OWL export improvements
  • Projects stored on a TeamWork Cloud server remember the last chosen location and start there when prompting during the next export.

  • Supports path variables for remembered OWL file export paths.

  • Supports ontology version IRIs.

  • Supports properties owned by an association in UML.

  • Produces an exact cardinality restriction for a property when the min and max cardinalities are the same.

  • Logging during OWL export is now enabled by default to help diagnose problems.

Natural Language Glossary improvements
  • A project option now enables displaying property definitions in addition to Class definitions.

  • A project option now enables the specification of an ordered annotation property list, whose values will be shown along with documentation in each glossary entry.

  • All of the properties for same-named equivalent classes are merged into a single class entry.

  • Differently-named equivalent classes refer to one main class entry.

Bug fixes

CCM Plugin

    • No longer stores a remembered OWL export file name without having the proper write permission for a TWC project.

    • The preferred-annotation-property project option now determines which annotations appear as documentation in the documentation panel and in the natural language glossary.

    • The preferred-annotation-property project option now shows a progress bar and locks TWC project elements before adjusting annotation ownership.

    • The Remove universal quantification menu option is now properly enabled when the redefined and redefining property have the same name.

    • The Display IRI tagged value menu option is no longer improperly enabled for attributes.

    • The Display IRI tagged value menu option will now display as Display IRI.

    • The Hide IRI tagged value menu option will now display as Hide IRI.

    • Exporting to OWL no longer generates duplicate property definitions when a datatype property is mistakenly used as a super property of an object property.


    • Repairing a style no longer fails on an element stereotyped as «InvisibleStereotype».

Download the Cameo Concept Modeler Documentation by clicking on the link below

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