Released on: June 29, 2016

In this service pack, No Magic Inc. has made feature improvements to the MagicDraw Reader edition, Open API, diagramming and more. It also includes fixes for approximately 80 bugs found in 18.0 SP5 or earlier.

Please Note: MagicDraw 18.0 SP6 now supports Java SE 8 Update 92, which includes important security fixes.


Updates and Features

MagicDraw Reader edition

  • Navigation functionality has been enhanced by adding GoTo and Related Elements commands in the shortcut menu of an element or its symbol. Now, when reading the models, you can easily find the usage in diagrams of a selected element, elements that are associated with a selected element, or trace the selected element.

Open API

  • In order to allow model modification by external processes, Open API support has been added for model modification by external processes while the tool is idle. See an example of an idle job service.
  • Some Open API methods were marked as deprecated incorrectly, this has been fixed.


  • Zoom support for laptop track pads and touch mice has been added.

MagicDraw Core

  • The structured expression evaluation engine has been enhanced with the ability to automatically cast kinds of collections to the correct kind where needed. If an operation with a collection-kind parameter is invoked and a collection of the wrong kind (BagListSetOrderedSet) is passed as an argument, the engine can now automatically cast the collection to the correct kind necessary for the operation.
  • The maximum allowed Floating license borrow time has been reduced to 2 months, instead of the previously allowed one year.

Key Issues Fixed in this Service Pack

Teamwork Server integration

  • In a Class, properties are no longer reordered after a project has been reloaded.
  • In the 3-way merging type, the tag values were merging incorrectly, this has been fixed.
  • There was a performance issue when a project was loaded from the remote machine and all elements in used projects were locked, this has been fixed.
  • Teamwork projects will now properly open from a MD URL stored in the Clipboard after MagicDraw is restarted and connection to a server is established.
  • An error no longer occurs when a project is committed at the same time as a project auto save.
  • Synchronization among distributed teamwork servers no longer fails when a user synchronizes a project that is committed by a different user on a different server.


  • An error no longer occurs when attempting to add a legend color to a combination of shared and composite properties, ports, and nested parts.
  • Constraint Parameter parsing now works correctly after editing constraint parameter from parameters compartment of Constraint Block.
  • Fixed a bug where when the default value of a Property is an Expression the value is editable.
  • Fixed bugs in the following actions which would result in an unhandled exception:

            - Selecting the commands Related Elements > Display Paths.
            - Selecting to display an internal structure of an element.
             - Searching for a model element.

  • In certain situations, the value type was parsed incorrectly when typing on a symbol, this has been fixed.
  • Element numbers should now properly refresh after editing in the Element Numbering dialog.
  • Data from a Smart Package is now properly displaying in the Relation Map.

DSL Engine

  • In rare cases, a new element was being created after changing a port type by editing the label, this has been fixed.
  • A stereotype icon is now applied to the element even if the corresponding tag is hidden.
  • Certain filter operations no longer return unexpected results in cases involving collections of Boolean values.
  • Nested operations in structured expressions can now access the external contextual variables.

Code Engineering

  • CORBA IDL will now properly to reverse multiple single line comments.


  • The Profile Migration Transformation will now display the correct element type in the source.


  • The OCL evaluator will now properly handle values of the UnlimitedNatural type.
  • A bug was fixed where, in the Documentation tab of a selected element, and if HTML checkbox is selected, the cursor would jump to the right side after right Ctrl+Shift is pressed.
  • Some Block properties defined in the Block Specification window were not being properly saved, this has been corrected.
  • Fixed an error where it was not possible to open a project of an earlier format () when the project uses some resaved modules.
  • The Waiting... progress dialog should no longer appear while entering element names in the Containment Tree.

OS related

  • On Mac OS, Change Relationship Ownership Together with ElementsNew Conveyed Item dialogs should no longer become unresponsive during drag-and-drop operations.
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