Released on: February 9, 2015

Main Issues Fixed in This Service Pack

  • The Show Inherited property is not included in the Port’s Symbol Properties dialog. Customized properties inherited from Block properties are not available when creating a property for a custom Block based on SysML Block after you click the smart manipulator  on custom Block shape.
  • Redefined property is incorrectly included in the Context-Specific Values compartment.
  • The Value property type and its default value are not displayed in the Values compartment.
  • Internal error occurs after clicking the Report button on the Diagram toolbar of a Requirements Table.
  • It is not possible to specify the type for a Value Property.
  • Unnecessary Sync solver is suggested for Classifier Behavior Property when the Block does not have classifier behavior.
  • After migration, the Method tagged values are hidden by default.
  • UPDM project allows creating SysML adjunct properties while using Activity Decomposition Hierarchy Wizard.
  • In a SysML project, the SysML Diagrams menu command incorrectly appears directly on the shortcut menu of the Use Case selected in the Containment tree.
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