Release date: 2nd June 2014

Next Step - Model Analysis

UPDM 2 Plugin takes a step forward and introduces two different perspectives of the model analysis:

  • Impact analysis
  • Coverage analysis

Impact analysis

To make your impact analysis experience better, four new predefined relation maps are at your disposal.

  • Node Role Impact Analysis Map
  • Node Impact Analysis Map
  • Resource Role Impact Analysis Map
  • Resource Impact Analysis Map

The purpose of these relation maps is to show all the elements impacted by the context element. You can change the criteria and the color of the relationships.

NOTE. In the Relation Map, the relationships represented in black show that there are multiple criteria between the elements. The color of such relationship cannot be changed.

Coverage analysis

Coverage analysis is based on the calculation of your model parameters. For this purpose, metrics are introduced. You can calculate metrics for the selected elements using the predefined metric suites. Also you can create your own metrics suites from scratch or based on the predefined metric suites.

New Create Diagram Dialog

Spending too much time searching for the specific diagram to create? Now you can create any diagram you want in just a few seconds despite the number of diagrams! Simply click the Create Diagram button (or press Ctrl+N), type the first letters or a part of the diagram type name, and press Enter.

The enhanced Camel Case mode in Search engine makes the diagram creation even faster, as it allows:

  • Search using non-capital letters – "ov" instead of "OV".
  • Skip the spacers  – "cv3" works as well as "CV-3" or "cv-3".
  • Perform partial search – "svc" finds SvcV diagrams.
Unified Manipulation of Symbols

Simplified and unified UI for symbols manipulation makes the symbols customization easier and intuitive:

  • Now you can see how your shapes or paths changes immediately after modifying their symbol properties without closing the Symbol Properties dialog. Also, while the dialog is open you can still work with diagrams or other dialogs. The ability to group the properties by display modes (Standard, Expert, All) allows the hiding of unnecessary properties, thus making the dialog simpler and faster to use.
  • Lists of properties in the Symbol Properties dialog and on the symbol's shortcut menu are re-arranged and much shorter now. Furthermore, you can customize these lists according to your needs.
  • New smart manipulators enable the faster creation of new elements in compartments as well as easier management of these compartments.

  • When you create an Operational Action and set a behavior for it, this Operational Action is converted to the Standard based Operational Activity Action. All information remains unchanged. The same is valid with Resource Action and Function Action.
  • Operational Activities are now collected automatically and represented in the Performs In Context property of a Node Role. These Operational Activities are performed by the Node Role in the activity diagrams.
  • The file format for all Word report templates has been changed from .rtf to .docx.
Fixed Issues

To open the list of publicaly available or your own issues those have been included into version 18.0 LTR, click here.

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