Released on: February 9, 2015

Main Issues Fixed in This Service Pack

  • Performance is slow when working with OV-3/SV-6 Role Based tables.
  • The plugin stops responding, when trying to use DISR, UJTL, and Joint Conditions elements.
  • A syntax error occurs, when trying to create an SV-6 Report.
  • Node Role and Resource Role Impact Analysis Maps cannot be created by clicking Create Diagram on the shortcut menu of a Node Role or a Resource Role.
  • The Operational Exchange or Resource Interaction is bidirectional in OV-2 and SV-2 Internal diagrams while aggregating Nodes or Systems Resources and displaying them in different contexts.
  • The primitive types (such as boolean, integer, real) are not available in the Select Type dialog.
  • The direction of the Organizational Project Relationship is incorrect between Actual Project and Actual Organization in PV-1.

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