For server projects, we suggest that you store a system model in the trunk and generate product versions in branches.

Lock elements

Make sure you can lock the model before transformation (you can see locks in the Lock View tab). Otherwise, the transformation will only be partial, and you will be notified about elements that could not be locked.

To keep the 150% model of the system, make sure you do not commit a realized variant to the trunk after the transformation. Commit a realized variant model to a branch or store it locally.

To store a version in a branch

  1. Open a server project of your system model.
  2. Generate a particular variant of your model.
  3. On the main menu, click Collaborate Commit to Branch. The Select Branch dialog opens.
  4. In the dialog, select the desired branch and click OK.

    First commit

    If you need to create a new branch , in the open dialog, click Edit Branches button.

  5. Write a comment for the model version you are committing and click Commit.