SysML Plugin 19.0 LTR Documentation

You can change the appearance of your modeling tool windows, dialogs and menus. The Look and Feel menu allows you to personalize the user interface using a number of predefined styles and themes. You can also create a custom theme with your favorite colors and fonts.

To change the interface style

  1. In the main menu of a modeling tool, select Options > Look and Feel.
  2. Select the desired style from the list of available styles.

The list of available modeling tool interface styles.


  • The selected style may not look exactly like the style in related operating systems.
  • Depending on your operating system, some style options may be unavailable.

Creating a custom theme

Define your own interface style by creating a custom theme. The Custom theme option is located in the Look and Feel Themes submenu which also offers 8 predefined themes. The Custom theme allows you to specify text fonts and sizes of the desired interface elements, as well as their colors.

To create a custom theme

  1. In the main menu of a modeling tool, select Options > Look and Feel > Metal.
  2. In the same menu, select Options > Look and Feel > Look and Feel Themes > Custom.
  3. In the open dialog, change the values of the desired style properties.
  4. Click OK.

Look and Feel Themes

The themes listed in the Look and Feel Themes submenu are only available if you select the Metal style.

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