SysML Plugin 19.0 LTR Documentation

Getting Started

Document Modeling Plugin is designed to assist in modeling the document structure. This plugin is familiar to system engineers as concepts from the OMG SysML standard are used. The plugin is designed not only for systems engineers, but also for systems analysts, systems architects, or other persons who need to model a document structure for the specific project. The Document Modeling Plugin allows reviewing a prepared document structure in the document preview dialog, save the document in the .pdf, .html, or .xml file formats.

You must install the Document Modeler Plugin if:

  • You want to preview and save the documents while using the MagicDraw with SysML Plugin.
  • You want to publish a project as a web portal while using the UPDM 2 Plugin.
  • You want to use the Document Modeling Plugin functionality while working with Cameo Systems Modeler or Cameo Enterprise Architecture.
 How to Install Plugins >>

Choose one of the following ways to install a plugin in a modeling tool:

  • Download and install a plugin directly via the Resource/Plugin Manager dialog in the modeling tool.
  • Download an archived plugin file (.zip) and then install the plugin via the Resource/Plugin Manager dialog.
  • Install a plugin manually, if direct downloading and installation via the Resource/Plugin Manager dialog is not available.

To download and install a plugin via the Resource/Plugin Manager dialog

  1. Start your modeling tool.
  2. From the modeling tool main menu, select Help > Resource/Plugin Manager. The Resource/Plugin Manager dialog opens and prompts you to check for the latest product updates and resources.
  3. Click Check for Updates > Check.
  4. Select the check box next to the desired plugin and click Download/Install.
  5. Restart your modeling tool.

To install a plugin from the downloaded archive file (.zip) via the Resource/Plugin Manager dialog

  1. Start your modeling tool.
  2. From the main menu of a modeling tool, select Help > Resource/Plugin Manager.
  3. Click the Import button and specify the downloaded plugin file location. The plugin is extracted and installed automatically.
  4. Restart your modeling tool.

To install a plugin manually

  1. Download an archived plugin file (.zip).
  2. Extract the downloaded file to the same directory where your modeling tool is installed.
  3. Start the modeling tool. The plugin is applied to your modeling tool.

Getting help

If you run into any installation related problems, try the following:

The following SysML concepts were used for the document modeling:

  • Conform
  • Viewpoint
  • View
  • Expose

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