The cross-version compatibility checking mechanism is implemented when a project with new feature usages is loaded with an older version of the modeling tool. Currently, the cross-version compatibility checking mechanism tracks feature usages of 19.0 SP1, 19.0 SP2, 19.0 SP3, and later service pack (SP) versions that result in triggering Missing features detected notification in earlier versions. The following table shows tracked features, the version they appear in, and whether the project can be committed/saved without any consequences. 

Feature nameVersionSecure to commit/save

Item Flow Management

19.0 SP2Yes

Direct Flow in Activity diagrams

19.0 SP3Yes


Features required, but missing, in an earlier tool version (for example, 19.0) are memorized by the cross-version compatibility checking mechanism. This process will continue with each Service Pack release (i.e., 19.0 SP2 might have features that are missing in both 19.0 SP1 and 19.0).