SysML Plugin 19.0 LTR Documentation


Incompatible flow


This rule belongs to SysML activeValSuite (active validation). It checks the compatibility of Flow Properties direction and type, Item Flow direction, and Conveyed Item type that flows via the Connector.

When flow type or/and direction is incompatible the messages are shown:

  • Item Flow is not possible! The Item Flow is incompatible.
  • Incompatible Information Flow Type!
  • Flow is not possible! The Flow Properties are incompatible.
  • Incompatible Port directions!



Context element



  • Reverse Direction of Port '<port name>' - the direction of Port is reversed.
  • Change Port '<port name>' type to '<type name>' - the Port type is changed.
  • Change to Compatible Interface for '<port name>': <interface name> - the compatible interface is suggested to select in the Compatible Type dialog.
  • Reverse Direction of Item Flow '<item flow name>' - the direction of Item Property is reversed.
  • Reverse Direction of Both Ports - the directions of Ports at the Connector ends are reversed.
  • Change Item Flow Type from '<type name>' to '<type name 1>' - the type of Item Flow is changed.
  • Make '<type name>' Subtype of '<type name 1>' - the type is made another type subtype.


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