Modeling tools developed by No Magic, Inc. always support the latest versions of standards. The SysML Plugin 19.0 supports the SysML 1.5 specification.

Abstract Requirement 

The updates in specification are related to adding a new concept: the AbstractRequirement concept. It allows you to define and implement any property-based requirement which could be inherited form the AbstractRequirement.

abstract_requirement.pngThe Property-Based Requirement as a Constraint Block extension.

The changes affect the following diagrams:

  • Requirement table - the element type is set to «abstractRequirement» with included subtypes. Custom requirements (inherited either from «Requirement» or from «abstractRequirement») are added as Add New> Custom Requirements menu commands.
  • Derive Requirement Matrix / Refine Requirement Matrix / Satisfy Requirement Matrix / Verify Requirement Matrix - the row or column element type is changed to «abstractRequirement» instead of «Requirement».
  • Requirement Containment Map / Requirement Deriviation Map - the «abstractRequirement» subtype is supported as an element type for these relation maps.

Please note, the changes do not affect the common usage of diagrams listed above.

Value Properties notation

Optionally, the unit name or unit symbol could be shown for value properties.

Examples of a unit notation.