SysML Plugin 19.0 LTR Documentation

The value propagation mechanism enables values that are not overridden by the values from the selected context in the initialValue compartment to be displayed. Assuming the property and the Value Propagation options are enabled, the value available in the next context will be used to reconfigure the property if there is no value in the selected context to reconfigure the property. However, if there is no value available in any context, the class-level default value will be displayed in the initialValue compartment, indicating that the property is not reconfigured at all.

The value propagation mechanism is enabled by default. To disable this mechanism, follow the procedure below.

To disable the value propagation mechanism

  1. On the main toolbar, click Options > Project. .
  2. In the Project Options dialog, select General > SysML.
  3. Select the Propagate SysML Values property value tofalse.
  4. Click OK.

Example when the value propagation mechanism is enabled

In the UniverseContext package, only the value of x of a Location is reconfigured to 3 in the UniverseContext context. The values of y and z are not set by the selected context. Since the value propagation is enabled, the next context, Universe, is considered. In the Universe context, the value of z is set to 2. However, the value of y is still missing; therefore, the next context, Thing, is considered. In the Thing context, the value of y is set to 1. Now, all attributes of the Location are set as follows:

  • x = 3
  • y = 1
  • z = 2

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