SysML Plugin 19.0 LTR SP1 Documentation

You can perform the Requirement gap and coverage analysis by using:

  • Diagram pane. The diagram pane allows you to drag required Requirements and other design elements and draw relationships between them. How to work with paths and relationships in diagrams >>

    Note that Requirement shape is not supported in all diagrams, then we recommend to create relations by using Requirement matrices.

  • Requirement matricesThe matrices enables you to analyze, create, and modify relationships between Requirements and other design elements. It is especially valuable that you can display relationships that cannot be represented in diagrams, such as representations (classes by lifeline), behavior representations in other diagrams, operation representations by Call Behavior Actions, etc. How to work in matrices >>
  • Metric tables.The metrics allows collecting various metrics used to evaluate the current state of your model. How to work in Metric table >>

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