SysML Plugin

Released on: March 26, 2019

This release of the SysML Plugin features bug fixes, along with some new features. Download it today at or contact your sales representative, and don't forget to give us your feedback on Twitter or Facebook. Also, please check the latest documentation and additional resources.

New Predefined Metric Suites for SysML and MagicGrid

Modeling tools now bring several new sets of predefined Metric Suites, including generic Requirements coverage Metric Suites and Requirements coverage and correctness Metric Suites for MagicGrid. See the full list of predefined Metric Suites below.

Select one or several predefined Metric Suites to be calculated in a Metric Table.

Learn more about predefined Metric Suites >>

Learn more about predefined Metric Suites for MagicGrid >>

Flow Management

Starting with this version, you can create Item Flows in two modes:

  • Direct
  • Between Part Types

The Direct creation mode allows you to create the Item Flow between ports or parts in the SysML Internal Block Diagrams

The Between Part Types creation mode allows you to create the Item Flow between Part Property types. In this mode, you can quickly realize and synchronize Flows on Activity Edges, Connectors, and Messages.

The new Item Flow Manager allows you to analyze and manage the Item Flow data. Using the Item Flow Manager, you will be able to:

  • Edit existing Item Flows by adding new Conveyed Items.
  • Realize or hide existing Item Flows on selected relationship.
  • Change the Conveyed Item.
  • Specify From and To Activities.

Learn more about Item Flow management >>

  • The Select In Structure Tree and Open in New Structure Tree commands are implemented. Now you can navigate from the elements in the Model Browser to the Structure tree or open the selected elements in the new Structure tree easily. 

Key issues fixed

  • The issue making it impossible to launch the Networking Diagram due to the missing diagram descriptor has been fixed.
  • The issue concerning the inability to invoke the Parametric Equation Wizard as a result of the frozen modeling tool has been fixed.