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SysML Plugin 19.0 LTR SP3 Documentation

In the SysML Internal Block Diagram, the automatic delegation functionality

  • Creates a connector from the port to the nearest border.
  • Creates connectors with relevant ports between the ports of the nested parts (delegate).

In the diagram, when you have a part with the port, by the click of the button you can create a connector from the port to the nearest border (diagram frame). The appropriate port on the border (diagram frame) is also created.

To create a connector from the port to the nearest border (diagram frame) automatically

  1. Select a port from which the connector should be created.
  2. In the diagram toolbar, click the Delegate Port(s) button.

The connector and corresponding port are created on the nearest border (diagram frame).

Another case is when you have nested parts with ports and you need to connect those nested parts. In general, you would have to create a connector to the nested parts' owners and then connect those owners. But if you already have those nested parts connected directly (as shown in the figure below), you can create the needed ports and connectors automatically or in other word - delegate.

To delegate the ports and connectors automatically

  1. Select a connector between two nested parts.
  2. In the diagram toolbar, click the Delegate Port(s) button.

This example shows how the ports and connectors are created after you click the Delegate Port(s) button.

Please note, that if the connector has a flow, that flow is also applied to the delegated connectors (as shown in the figure above). Some adjustments might be necessary. They will be indicated by the validation rules.

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