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SysML Plugin 19.0 LTR SP3 Documentation


Before calling or registering an issue, please have a look in our FAQ section. It is constantly updated and may contain an answer to your question, or issue. If your questions are unanswered in this section, then you have the option of the posting your question, or issue, in our Forum page. If you are interested in reporting an issue, then please refer to our Reporting Issues page. Nevertheless, please continue perusing this page to find out about all the support we provide for you. 


Discuss and get answers about our modeling tools in the No Magic Community Forum. It already has thousands of publicly available posts. You are welcome to post your comments and questions there.

Previous Discussions

If you are interested in previous discussions from the newsgroups, you can find them in our Forum as well as in the newsgroups with a read-only mode.

New User

If you are a new user, ask questions and get started on learning about UML and our modeling tools in the New User section.

These are the available options you have on our forum:

  • Discuss issues related to technologies and processes in the Standard/ Methodologies section.

  • Find new product versions, updates, and major events in the Announcement section.

  • Share your professional experience in terms of using the modeling tool, including installation and running, OpenAPI, scripting, integrations with other 3rd party tools, etc. in the Magic Draw section.

  • Post your suggestions for improvements and new features that you would like to see added to our modeling tool, in the Suggestions subsection of the Other section.

Customer Support Levels

We provide free professional support for: 

  • Registered users with a valid No Magic Software Assurance contract (SA). SA provides you with technical support, software upgrades and maintenance releases at no additional cost for a contract period.
  • Pre-sales users during the evaluation period.
  • New customers for 30 days.
  • Inquiries about registration, licensing and product updates.

More support includes:

If you are a registered user and have already connected to No Magic support system, you can create an issue, or comment on your support issue(s), through email as well.

Reporting Issues

Please refer to Reporting Issues to find instructions on the different ways to inform us of issues you may encounter.

The support system provides:

  • Submitted issues status tracking.
  • Ability to submit private and public questions, suggestions, improvements, and problems. 
  • Ability to search through the existing public issues, view status of your issues, provide your vote for suggestions.

A customer support level determines customer access rights and the response time for support requests. To find out yours customer support level, please, visit the knowledge base website -

Support LevelApplies ForEnsured Support
Limited Support

Customer with no Software Assurance (SA) 

  • Self-help: FAQ, Knowledge base, documentation, online demos, No Magic Community Forum.
  • Inquiries about registration, licensing and product updates.
Full Support
  • Professional online support with trouble ticket status tracking.
  • Inquiries about No Magic software problems and usage.
  • Response within business hours, with 24 - 48 hours response time based on severity*.
  • Reasonable No Magic efforts to provide a usable work-around solution or to correct the issue in an upcoming maintenance release or update.
Premium Support
  • Customer with SA
  • VIP customer** (marked as VIP)
  • Response within business hours, with 24 hours response time.
Dedicated Support
  • Includes integration, customization, migration, plugin development, remote or onsite support.


All requests for support must be submitted by accessing the JIRA request form directly from the modeling tool (from the main menu, choose Help > Report an Issue)*** or directly through No Magic Customer Support System.

* Severity let us know the impact of the problem on business.

  • Severity 1: Critical business impact or system down, this condition requires a solution.
  • Severity 2: Significant business impact, this indicates the program is usable, but is severely limited.
  • Severity 3: Some business impact, this indicates the program is usable with less significant features.
  • Severity 4: Minimal business impact.

**VIP customers are usually our partner.

*** If your modeling tool stops responding, the executable tools can be used for analyzing and submitting the status of the process. To report an issue using an executable file, start the reportissue.exe file, located in <modeling tool installation directory>\bin.

Support Period

During the support period covered by our SA, you can also report any software problems or errors. If reported, and reproducible, issue in the software exists, and the issue significantly impacts the usability of the software, No Magic agrees to make reasonable efforts to provide a usable workaround solution or to correct the problem in an upcoming maintenance release or update.

End-of-Life Policy

The end of life policy depends on the release type in use: Long-Term Releases (LTR) or Future Releases (FR).

The Long-Term Releases (LTR) are extremely reliable and rock-solid. No Magic provides guaranteed support (including service packs and private patches) until the next Long-Term Release is released, approximately every two years. Longer-term support, of up to five years, for a Long-Term Release, is available for an additional charge. For more information about the Long-Term Releases, see

Support for Feature Releases (FR) discontinues when the next Feature Release is released. Therefore, bug fixes for old Feature Releases (FR) are unavailable.

Providing Patches

We support and provide patches only for the users who have Software Assurance contracts (SA) on their purchased products, so please make sure that you are covered.

Public service packs are released primarily for the newest versions. As we understand that switching from one version to another can take some time, in the case of significant issues, we provide service packs, or private patches, for up to one-year-old versions, when applicable.

We always strongly recommend using the newest version because it contains all newest fixes, usability features, new capabilities, and support for standards and technologies.


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