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Updating plugins

  1. Log in to as a license owner.
  2. From the Download Trials section on the left, pick the required plugin.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select the required version.
  4. Download the file of the plugin (e.g.
  5. Close the modeling tool.
  6. Extract the downloaded file to the same directory where your modeling tool is installed.
  7. Start the modeling tool. The plugin is applied to your modeling tool.

Applying service pack

  1. Log in to as a license owner.
  2. From your download area, download the installation file with a service pack (e.g.
  3. Move the installation file to your machine.
  4. Start the modeling tool.
  5. Install the plugin with the service pack according to one of the installation instructions.
  6. Restart the modeling tool.

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