The following parameters are used with the authentication server to ensure proper working functionality.

ParameterDescriptionDefault value
server.portThe authentication server's instance post.8555
server.public.hostPublicly expose an authentication server's host.User-entered machine IP address or ${server.ip} in the case of no-install zip
authentication.token.expirityThe authentication ID token expiration time in seconds.900
authentication.sso.token.expirityThe "Stay signed in" cookie expiration time in seconds.604800
authentication.code.token.expirityThe authentication code expiration time in seconds.15
authentication.implicit.token.expirityThe authentication ID token expiration time in seconds for the implicit authentication flow (e.g., used for MagicDraw UML).86400
authentication.client.idsThe valid client IDs, separated by commas.MAGICDRAW,CONSOLE_ID,webApplicationPlatform
authentication.client.implicitThe implicit authentication flow client IDs, separated by commas.MAGICDRAW
authentication.redirect.uri.whitelistA list of allowed redirect URIs. The authentication server client should pass a valid redirect URI to an authorized endpoint.





A password used by the authentication client to access /token endpoint.

It is recommended that you change the password after installation.

logging.configA path and a file name of the login configuration../config/logback-spring.xml
authentication.default.localeA default locale for authentication page texts. This parameter is used if the client application does not provide a locale.en