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Teamwork Cloud 19.0 LTR SP4 Documentation

A role is an identity that distinguishes one user's rights from another's. It determines which job functions a user has in the TWCloud system by giving a set of permissions to a user to perform one or more operations within the TWCloud system. New permissions can be added as new resources or tasks are created. You can create a user without giving the user any role. You can also create a new role first and assign it to a user later. The TWCloud Admin displays all roles on the Roles application.

An authorized user, such as a User Manager (role), can create a new user account in TWCloud Admin and can assign a role to access and work on a particular resource. A user can have more than one role and handle more than one resource. Creating a new user and assigning a role with a resource to the user can be done at the same time. In TWCloud Admin, you can assign a role to more than one user at the same time. Users can be reassigned from one role to another. Only authorized users can access Resources in Teamwork Cloud (TWCloud). 


A document, project, or OSCL resource are called resources in the TWCloud environment. A modeling tool project (or document) in TWCloud are protected and only authorized users can access and work with them.  

When assigning a resource to a user, you need to define the role scope. If you select the global scope, you authorize the user to work on any resource in the TWCloud system. For more information on the global and custom scope, see Scopes of roles.

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