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Teamwork Cloud 19.0 LTR SP4 Documentation

The Resource application allows you to generate a security audit report in a spreadsheet format.

The report shows all users with access or who are assigned to a selected resource, when the access was granted, who granted the access, and the scope of user assignment, whether the access covers the entire resource (global scope) or only the package level (resource-specific scope). The report provides visibility for  management should they want to review resource access or remove it from some users.

An example of a security audit report containing all assigned users (grouped by role) who have access to a particular resource.

Only a Security Manager or a user with Manage User permission will be able to view the report. 


  • The role assignment grant log capability is available in MagicDraw 18.5. Earlier versions do not provide information about the users who granted a role to other users in the project.
  • When you migrate Teamwork Cloud to 18.5 or 19.0, a user with a username (i.e., "Migration_18.4To18.5") will be printed in the Granted by column. It is considered the grantor of the access at the time you migrated TWCloud.

To generate a security audit report

  • Go to the Resource application, select a resource and click
  • From the list select to View security audit report.  A security audit report for the selected resource will be generated and downloaded to your local machine. 

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