Teamwork Cloud is the new product name for Cameo Enterprise Data Warehouse (CEDW). To start using Teamwork Cloud (or TWCloud in short), you need to understand what it is and how it can help you. This section aims to achieve two objectives:

  • Teamwork Cloud (or TWCloud) is a new generation server that is designed to work with large amounts of data. The goal of TWCloud is to provide our clients with a modeling repository standard that can be transparently scaled from a single workstation to hundreds of servers. It enables multiple servers to interconnect and share resources. These servers are then accessible by clients working from different locations on both collaborative and independent resources. TWCloud enables team members to collaborate regardless of location and data size. All resources such as projects are stored in a single repository which allows team members to open the same resource on multiple workstations and manipulate it.
  • Architects, engineers, and modelers can work on the same resource and merge the work of all team members together effortlessly with version control. TWCloud can store large resources which allows team members to work on them concurrently. You can check out a resource, open and edit it locally on your machine, save, and commit it to the server.

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