This UserGuide provides information about administrating MagicDraw Teamwork Server.


For information about working with Teamwork Server from the client side (i.e. using modeling tools such as MagicDraw, Cameo System Modeler, or Cameo Enterprise Architecture), please refer to Collaborative modeling.

With MagicDraw Teamwork Server you can assign as many developers as needed to work simultaneously on the same project using multiple workstations. The resulting server project is saved on the server for sharing with other MagicDraw® applications. Users with administrator rights can create new users by creating a name and assigning various permissions to work on projects. The permissions assigned will determine whether the new user can update, commit, edit, create, and delete model elements, diagrams, and projects.

To enable Teamwork support, you should install and run MagicDraw Teamwork Server. Each modeling tool application is a client of Teamwork Server.

The following demo will help you understand how to work with the Teamwork Server:

    • Model Decomposition. This demo introduces the functionality of model decomposition by demonstrating how to split a project and work with a part of it independently.

    • Shared Packages. This demo presents project segmentation using shared packages functionality, which allows the usage of a model part in multiple projects.

    • Teamwork Server: Add project to teamwork. This demo presents easy way to make a local project accessible for the Teamwork Server users.
    • Teamwork Server: Create a new user in teamwork. This demo presents the management of users accounts, guides through creation of a new user or edition of existing one, introduces various kinds of permissions and how they can be set to project.
    • Teamwork Server: Working in teamwork. This demo introduces the main functionality of teamwork, when two or more users work with the same project. You will see how to lock part of the model and work on this part individually, how to commit changes to the server and share with the other team members.

    • Teamwork Server: Project branching. This demo introduces the Branching functionality and presents samples of branch creation.

    • Efficient Teamwork Server Repository analysis with Project Usage Map. In this short demo, we will present the Project Usage Map and its use case. You will get in-depth information on the use of this powerful analysis capability.

Availability on modeling tool editions

The Teamwork Server functionality is available with modeling tool client Standard, Professional, Architect, and Enterprise editions only.