UAF Plugin bundle includes SysML Plugin, SoaML Plugin, Cameo Requirements Modeler Plugin, and UAF Plugin. The product supports all DoDAF 1.5, DoDAF 2.0, MODAF 1.2, NAF, and NAF 4.0 viewpoints and views dependent on the selected user environment. Each user environment provides architecture framework specific concepts, artifacts, new project templates, samples, and architecture framework specific usability features. A user environment can be changed any time by fully converting model to meet requirements of the selected architecture framework.

Important for the UPDM 2 users

If you are working with UPDM 2, please see the UPDM 2 Plugin Documentation or open the PDF file from the modeling tool's main menu > Help > Other Documentation > UPDM 2 Plugin UserGuide.

More about getting started with the UAF plugin, see in the following sections: