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UAF 1.2 Plugin 2022x Documentation

“DoDAF-described Models in the Operational Viewpoint describe the tasks and activities, operational elements, and resource flow exchanges required to conduct operations. A pure operational model is materiel independent. However, operations and their relationships may be influenced by new technologies, such as collaboration technology, where process improvements are in practice before policy can reflect the new procedures. There may be some cases, as well, in which it is necessary to document the way activities are performed, given the restrictions of current systems, to examine ways in which new systems could facilitate streamlining the activities. In such cases, operational models may have materiel constraints and requirements that need to be addressed. For this reason, it may be necessary to include some high-level system architectural data to augment information onto the operational models.” [DoDAF V2.0 Volume II]

The basic modeling principles are demonstrated in the demo  UPDM: Operational viewpoint . 

Some elements in the demo are different from UAF Plugin but the modeling principles are the same.