There is no direct migration from UPDM 3 (UAF 1.0 beta) to UAF 1.1, so to migrate your projects, you need to do the following:

Migrating to UAF 1.0

To migrate the UPDM 3 project to UAF 1.0

  1. Open your UPDM 3 project with a modeling tool with UAF Plugin which supports UAF 1.0 profile version. 

    For this step, you need to use the modeling tool and UAF Plugin of 19.0 version.

  2. Save the project.

For more information about changes, please see chapter Migration from UPDM 3 (UAF 1.0 beta) to UAF 1.0

Migrating to UAF 1.1

After you project is migrated to UAF 1.0, you can migrate it to UAF 1.1. For more information, please see chapter Migration from UAF 1.0 to UAF 1.1