The following table describes element which are renamed in UAF 1.2 profile.

Element UAF 1.1 [name]

Element UAF 1.2 [name]

Data Model KindInformation Model Kind
Data ModelInformation Model
Information ElementOperational Information
Data ElementResource Information
Service SpecificationService
Achieved EffectAchieves
Desired EffectDesires
Enterprise PhaseStrategic Phase
Organization In EnterpriseOrganization In Phase

The following table describes properties which are renamed in UAF 1.2 profile.

Property UAF 1.1 [name]

Property UAF 1.2 [name]

Information RoleOperational Information Role
Data RoleResource Information Role
Service Specification RoleService Role

Removed properties:

  • Concern::enterprisePhase
  • ActualEnterprisePhase:: resourceArchitectureOfEnterprisePhase

  • ActualEnterprisePhase:: operationalArchitectureOfEnterprisePhase
  • ActualEnterprisePhase:: vision
  • ActualEnterprisePhase:: goal
  • ActualEnterprisePhase:: concern
  • AchievedEffect:: desiredEffect
  • DesiredEffect::achievedEffect
  • EnterpriseGoal::enterprisePhase
  • EnterpriseVision::enterprisePhase
  • Risk::riskOwner

Removed elements:

  • Enduring Task*
  • Capability For Task

* For more information, see UAF 1.1 to UAF 1.2. Mapping solutions and issues.