UAF Plugin 19.0 LTR SP1 Documentation


The CV-3 addresses the planned achievement of capability at different points in time or during specific periods of time, i.e., capability phasing. The CV-3 supports the capability audit processes and similar processes used across the different COIs by providing a method to identify gaps or duplication in capability provision. The CV-3 indicates capability increments, which should be associated with delivery milestones within acquisition projects (when the increments are associated with capability deliveries).

The intended usage of the CV-3 includes:

  • Capability planning (capability phasing).
  • Capability integration planning.
  • Capability gap analysis.


CV-3 can be represented using a CV-3 diagram which is realized as a time based diagram. 

CV-3 Capability Phasing

The CV-3 can be presented as a table consisting of rows representing Capabilities (derived from the CV-2 Capability Taxonomy model) and columns representing phases (from CV-1 Vision model).