UAF Plugin 19.0 LTR SP1 Documentation


The Cr Capability Roadmap view provides a representation of the actual or estimated availability of capabilities over a period of time (derived from capability delivery milestones in acquisition projects). The Cr view support the Capability Audit process and similar processes used across different communities of interest by providing a method to identify gaps or duplication in capability provision. The Cr view indicates capability increments, which are derived from delivery milestones within acquisition projects.

The C2 view specifies the requirement for capability at each Enterprise Phase, whereas the Cr view reflects the output of capability programmes (e.g. acquisition, training, etc.) over time. The requirement specified in the C2 may or may not be met by those programmes.

The Cr view may be used to:

  • Plan Capability (capability phasing).
  • Plan Capability integration.
  • Analyze Capability gap.
  • Manage acquisition with High-level dashboard.


The Cr view can be represented using a Cr Capability Roadmap diagram which is realized as a time based diagram.

Cr Capability Roadmap