UAF Plugin 19.0 LTR SP1 Documentation


The Summary & Overview viewpoint is for modeling the executive-level summary information in a consistent form. It provides executive-level summary information in a consistent form that allows quick reference and comparison between architectural descriptions.

The Summary and Overview Measurements (Pm-Me) domain depicts the measurements. The intended usage of the The Summary and Overview Measurements (Pm-Me) domain includes:

  • Definition of performance characteristics and measurements.
  • Identification of non-functional requirements.


The Summary & Overview domain is represented by:

  • Working with Summary and Overview diagram. It shows a quick overview of an architecture description and summary of analysis. In the initial phases of architecture development, it serves as a planning guide. Upon completion of an architecture, it provides a summary of findings, and any conducted analysis.

  • Reports (.docx):
    - Summary and Overview.
    - All View.

The Summary and Overview Measurements (Pm-Me) domain is represented by:


Summary and Overview

An example of the Summary and Overview diagram
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