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UAF Plugin 2021x Documentation

The rows of the Implementation Matrix represent the implementation elements and the columns represent the specification elements.

To create an Implementation Matrix

  1. Specify the Rows Scope (Resources Elements and Operational Elements).
  2. Specify the Columns Scope (Operational Elements, Services Elements, and Strategic Elements).
  3. Click the Refresh button.

The implementation elements map to the specification elements by using the Implements relation.

To map the implementation elements to the specification elements

  1. Double-click an empty intersection between the desired elements.

To remove the relation

  1. Double-click a full intersection between the desired elements.

The Implements relationship can be created according to the implementation rules:

  • A Resource Performer can implement an Operational Agent.
  • A Function can implement an Operational Activity.
  • A Function can implement a Service Function.
  • A Resource Interface can implement a Service Interface.
  • A Resource Interface can implement an Operational Interface.
  • A Resource Connector can implement an Operational Connector.
  • A Resource Exchange can implement an Operational Exchange.
  • A Resource Role can implement an Operational Role.
  • An Operational Activity can implement an Actual Enduring Task.
  • A Data Element can implement an Information Element.

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