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UAF Plugin 2021x Documentation

The Operational Performers to Capabilities Mapping Matrix (Op-Tr) displays the mapping between the capabilities required and the operational performers that those capabilities support.

Creating Operational Performers to Capabilities Mapping Matrix

The Rows of this matrix are Capabilities and the Columns are Operational Performers, Operational Architecture, and Known Resource.

To create the Operational Performers to Capabilities Mapping Matrix

  1. Specify the Row Scope (Capabilities).
  2. Specify the Column Scope (Operational Performers, Operational Architecture, Known Resource).
  3. Click Refresh.

Operational Activities maps to Capabilities using the Maps To Capability relationship.

Mapping an Operational Activity to a Capability

Operational Performers map to Capabilities using Exhibits relationship.

To map an Operational Performers to a Capability

  1. Double-click an empty intersection.

Removing the relation from the matrix

To remove the relation

  1. Double-click a full intersection between the desired elements.
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