MagicDraw supports only one plugin at once: UAF or UPDM 2.

Please note that beginning with the 19.0 LTR version, the UAF Plugin replaces the UPDM 3 Plugin which was a technology preview. The UPDM 3 Plugin (technology preview) of the 18.5 version will not be compliant with the final UAF specification and will not be upgraded or supported. If you want to work with the latest UAF specification version, please upgrade to the 19.0 version and migrate your projects.

The UAF 1.2 Plugin technology preview is available starting with this version.

The technology preview has the following limitation:

  • The auto-commit for UAF 1.1 projects in Teamwork Cloud is disabled if the project is opened with UAF 1.2 Plugin.
  • The Save action is disabled. Only the Save As action is available for migrated projects with UAF 1.2 Plugin.

The documentation is at