The Environment Selection dialog opens when starting the UPDM plugin for the first time.

To select the enterprise architecture framework environment

  1. Select the environment according to the architecture you are going to build:
    • DoDAF 2.0
    • MODAF
    • NAF v. 3
    • NAF 4.0
    Read the brief descriptions of each enterprise architecture framework provided in the dialog (see the following figure). This information may help you decide what to choose.
  2. Click to select the Expert check box, if you want the user interface to be complex and have all details exposed. And if you are a new user, leave the Expert check box unselected.
  3. Click the Continue button. The sample project corresponding the selected enterprise architecture framework will be opened (only if using Cameo Enterprise Architecture tool).

Environment Selection dialog

You can change the selected environment and its mode via the Select Perspective dialog.

To open Select Perspective dialog

  1. Click Options > Perspectives > Perspectives.
    The Select Perspective dialog opens.