Information exchanges express the relationship across the three basic architecture data elements of an NOV (operational activities, operational nodes, and information flow) with a focus on the specific aspects of the information flow and the information content.

The Information Exchanges of the NOV-3 should remain at a high level of aggregation to represent actual information workflow products that are used at the operational nodes shown in the NOV-2 (and not their subordinate operational nodes).


NOV-3 can be represented using:

  • An NOV-3 table.
  • An NOV-3 role-based table.

    A role-based table represents exchanges between Node Roles(node usages).
  • An NOV-3 spreadsheet report.


NOV-3 Operational Information Requirements

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An NOV-3 is initially constructed from the information contained in the NATO Operational Node Connectivity Description (NOV-2).

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