The NATO Organizational Relationships Chart illustrates the command structure or relationships (as opposed to relationships with respect to a business process flow) among human roles, organizations, or organization types that are the key players in architecture. NAF divides The NOV-4 in two views: an NOV-4 Typical and an NOV-4 Actual.


NOV-4 can be represented using:

  • An NOV-4 diagram which is based on the UML Class diagram.
  • A UML Class diagram.
  • A SysML Block Definition diagram.


NOV-4 Organizational Relationships Chart
Related elements
  • Organization
  • Post
  • Person
  • Command
  • Competence
  • Provides Competence
  • Requires Competence
  • Actual Organization
  • Actual Post
  • Actual Person
  • Fills Post
  • Actual Organization Relationship
  • Actual Organization Role
  • Operational Activity
  • Owns Process
Related procedures
  • Creating NOV-4 diagram
  • Instantiating Structures