The Service Channel Summary Table specifies the characteristics of service resource flows between Services. The Service Channel Summary Table is the physical equivalent of the logical OV-3 Operational Resource Flow Matrix and provides detailed information on the service connections which implement the Resource Flow exchanges specified in OV-3 Operational Resource Flow Matrix.

In addition, this model is useful in support of net-centric (service-oriented) implementation of services. According to the Net-Centric Data Strategy, a net-centric implementation needs to focus in on the data in the Service Resource Flow, as well as the services that produce or consume the data of the Service Resource Flow. In a net-centric implementation, not all the consumers are known and this model emphasizes the focus on the producer and Service Resource Flow.


Service Channel Summary Table can be represented using:

  • A Service Channel Summary Table diagram.
  • A Service Channel Summary Table spreadsheet report.


Service Channels Summary Table

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