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The Technical View (TV) shows the elements that are part of TV-1 through TV-2.

The Technical View is a set of views delineating standards, rules, notations, and conventions that apply to the implementation of the system architecture. When the standards profile is tied to the system elements to which they apply, TV-1 serves as the bridge between the SV and TV. SV-9 forecasts relate to the TV-1 in that a timed technology forecast may contribute to the decision to retire or phase out the use of a certain standard in connection with a system element. Similarly, SV-9 forecasts relate to TV-2 standards forecasts in that a certain standard may be adopted depending on a certain technology becoming available (e.g., the availability of Java Script may influence the decision to adopt a new HTML standard).

MODAF extends the core DoDAF Technical Standards Views to include non-technical standards and policies applicable to the architecture such as operational doctrine, industry process standards, etc. Additionally, the TV-1 may also document policies and standards applicable to the operational or business context. MODAF also distinguishes between ‘applicability’ and ‘conformance’ with regard to architectural elements. If a standard is applicable to a given architecture, that architecture need not be fully conformant with the standard. The degree of conformance to a given standard may be judged on a risk basis at an approval point. An association between a Standard and an architectural element is not to be interpreted as stating the level of compliance of the element is fully compliant with that Standard. Additional evidences would need to be given (outside MODAF) to confirm the level of compliance. Finally, MODAF adds the explicit requirement that any Standards cited in TV-1 View must, where appropriate, be in accordance with the trend towards open architectures – i.e. standards which encourage stove-piped systems are expressly prohibited.

The views of this viewpoint are described in the following sections:

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