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NSV-2 represents the specific communication systems pathways or networks and the details of their configurations through which the nodes and systems interface. This subview focuses on the physical, infrastructural, communications aspects of the system interfaces as defined in NSV-1. The graphical presentation and/or supporting text should describe all pertinent communications attributes, such as geographic location, bandwidth constraints, security, encryption, standards and protocols.


NSV-2 can be represented using:

  • A NSV-2 diagram which is based on the UML Class diagram.
  • A NSV-2 diagram which is based on the UML Composite Structure diagram.
  • A UML Class diagram.
  • A UML Composite Structure diagram.
  • A SysML Block Definition diagram.
  • A SysML Internal Block diagram.


NSV-2 System Internal Communications Description

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Any protocol and Standard referred to in an NSV-2 diagram must be defined in the NTV-1 Technical Standards Profile.

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