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The NATO Systems Data Exchange Matrix specifies the characteristics of the system data exchanged between systems. The focus is on data crossing the system boundary. An NSV-6 focuses on the specific aspects of the system data flow and the system data content in a tabular format.

The term System Data Exchange does not refer to one NMM element. A data exchange as described in NSV-6 is a combination of a System Port Connector and the Data Elements
that flow across it. Any properties shown in an NSV-6 table will be properties of the System Port Connector.


NSV-6 can be represented using:

  • A NSV-6 table.
  • An NSV-6 role-based table.

    A role-based table represents exchanges between Resource Roles(resource usages).
  • A NSV-6 spreadsheet report.


Systems Data Exchange Matrix

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NSV-6 is the physical equivalent of the logical NOV-3 table and provides detailed information on the system connections which implement the information exchanges specified in an NOV-3.

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