This example presents step-by-step instructions for customizing a drag-and-drop rule. You will assign the property type after dragging a class to the property.

  1. Create a profile diagram.
  2. Create a class, and name it Classifier on Property.
  3. For the Classifier on Property class, apply the «DragAndDropSpecification» stereotype.
  4. Create a customization element.
  5. In the Customization Specification window, assign the Classifier on Property element to the Allowed Drag and Drops property, .
  6. In the Customization Specification window, assign the Property metaclass to the Customization Target property.


  7. In the Classifier on Property Specification window, specify the following property values: 
    • For the Source Element property, specify the Classifier metaclass.
    • For the Property Action Result property, specify Type.
    • For the Representation Text property, type the name of the rule, for example, Assign Type. 

  8. Reopen the project. The classifier is assigned as a property type after dragging it to the property.