Released on: October 13, 2017


Usability improvements
  • When a Class that has a blank IRI tagged value is moved to another «Model», the blank IRI is removed and the user is warned.

  • A script is now provided to migrate older models to use relative IRIs, which simplifies model refactoring. (To install for each one-time use, please see instructions in <MagicDrawInstall>\data\Concept Modeler\scripts\UpdateIRI Readme.txt)

  • A «Model»'s URI and «Resource» IRI tagged value are always synchronized. 

Natural Language Glossary improvements
  • A new header at the top of the glossary now allows reviewers to search for class and/or property names.

  • Alphabetical indexes no longer scroll off the page.

  • A Title variable can be set in the Report Wizard to customize a glossary's header.

  • A TitlePreamble variable can be set in the Report Wizard to add custom HTML, such as an image, to a glossary's header.

  • The variables ClassSuppressionRegex and/or PropertiesSuppressionRegex can each be set to a regular expression in the Report Wizard to keep undesirable entries from appearing in the glossary.

Bug fixes


  • The Click here hyperlink that appears in a new project file now correctly opens the CCM manual.

  • The Concept Model action menu is no longer disabled for a «Model».

  • The Concept Model action menu is no longer enabled for unlocked elements in a TWC project.

  • All elements that will be affected by a change to the preferred annotation project option are now locked for edit in a TWC project, or the change is disallowed with an informative warning.

  • An OWL property with multiple inverses now results in an «Equivalent Property» and an «Inverse of» instead of resulting in a repeatedly subsetted UML property.

  • In a diagram, the property menu option Make property sufficient to classify an instance is no longer disabled when right-clicking on text that is relevant to the property.

  • When an OWL ontology is imported, annotations and annotation properties from an unrelated «Model» are no longer deleted.


  • Suppressed noisy INFO messages.
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