UAF Plugin 19.0 LTR SP1 Documentation


Usage of a Resource Performer in the context of another Resource Performer. Creates a whole-part relationship.

Architecture Framework



UML Property

Resource Role Kind mapping table by OMG specification

For each Resource Role created under the Resource Performer (which is a context), a type (which is Resource Performer) should be assigned. Depending on a type, an appropriate Role Kind is assigned for each Resource Role according to the rules provided in the following table.

Role KindTypeContext
Artifact Component Resource ArtifactResource Performer
Component Software Resource Performer 
Equipment Physical Resource Resource Performer
Hosted Software Software Resource Performer
Human ResourceOrganizational ResourceResource Performer 
Natural Resource Component Natural ResourceResource Performer
OtherResource Performer Resource Performer 
Part Resource Performer Resource Performer 
Platform Resource Performer Resource Performer 
Post RolePostResource Performer
Responsibility RoleResponsibility Resource Performer
System Resource Performer Resource Performer 
Sub OrganizationOrganization Resource Performer 
Sub System Part Resource PerformersResource Performer
Used Configuration Capability ConfigurationResource Performer 
Used Physical Architecture Resource Architecture Resource Performer
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