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Commercial licenses of our products are locked to the particular machine. The activation process allows receiving the commercial license dedicated for the particular machine.

The commercial license activation is needed after the purchase transaction has been completed.

License activation can be completed from the Licence Manager dialog in the application. You may choose online activation and enable commercial licenses activated automatically.

Alternatively, you may select offline activation and then you will be required to enter a Host ID in the license owner account (login to and select License Activation Management menu item at the right side of page). You can then download the commercial activated license.

For MagicDraw, plugins and other products activation instructions refer to:

Installation on multiple machines is supported by the Mobile or Floating license.

More about Mobile User License could be found at

More about Floating License could be found at

Note: The Seat license can be used by a single user on a single installation.

If you have any questions about the licensing or purchasing, please feel free to contact your account executive or

Beginning with 2022x, Demo install is no longer available.

Firstly - you have to have an account registered with us - as our download section is only available to our registered customers.

Once you have an account - please log into it and select the product you want to demo from the "Download Trials" list found on the left side of the screen.

Select the version/edition you want to demo and click on next.

Select and download one of the installers that is suitable for your OS and has a word demo in the installer file name. Please note the exact file name of the installer you are downloading - as both demo and full featured installers are provided. Demo installers should not need any license key file to use.

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