When a user moves between two subnets (for example, between two WiFi networks) and the user's PC gets different IP addresses, the Floating License connection is lost. Then, when users re-connect to the Floating License Server they get a second Floating License. This results in two licenses being checked out, but only one is actually in use and the other license is inactive.

By default, the inactive license stays checked out for approximately 2 hours. You can return the inactive license manually, or you can configure the server to return the license after 15 min.

To force the server to return lingering licenses earlier, it is necessary to modify the server heart-beat option to release license in 15 minutes. You need to free inactive licenses by setting the time-out.

To set the time-out:

1. Open the FlexNet installation directory, find the cameo.opt file and open it for edit. If you cannot find the file, create a new file and save it as cameo.opt.

2. Add to this file the following line:


3. Place the cameo.opt file in the same directory with the cameo.exe file. For example, C:\Program Files (x86)\FlexNet Publisher License Server Manager\licenses\cameo.

4. In the VENDOR line of the license file specify the relative path to the cameo.opt file so that the FlexNet server could find it.

For example,
VENDOR cameo licenses/cameo/cameo licenses/cameo/cameo.opt PORT=1101

5. Restart the FlexNet server.

6. Open the cameo.log file to check that the cameo.opt file is added in the proper directory.

If the path to the file is like in the example of the 3rd step, you should see the corresponding text:
14:44:35 (cameo) Using options file: "licenses/cameo/cameo.opt"
14:44:35 (cameo) Server started on panda for: MagicDrawEnterprise
14:44:35 (cameo) EXTERNAL FILTERS are OFF
14:44:35 (cameo) ALL FEATURES: INACTIVITY TIMEOUT set to 900 seconds